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Einpassung Electronics Co.,Ltd
Base on factory,we offer high quality products with reasonable price to our customer,our stuff are professional,our serve are top.Please contact us with any confuse questions.
Einpassung Offer You... Good Price. Warranty. Fast Shipping. Sufficient Supply.

Einpassung have professional engineers and installers to solve any problem for you.Pls feel free to contact us.

Products Update
We update products when it come to market
We can get the first hand for every model products and update to our customers immediately.
Heartly Services
We work by heart
We communicate with customer by heart,listen to them,know their request,give them suggestions.
Support By Factory
The Best CNC Technique
We won high-tec engineers,they all professional with CNC project,welcome to visit us.
Can I get new customer coupon?
Yes,contact us.
If you need to get more details or visit our factory,please fell free to contact us.